How Do Memory Enhancer Supplements Work

how do they work

How do Memory Enhancer Supplements Work?

how do memory enhancer supplements workHow do memory enhancer supplements work? The brain is, until now, a great mystery even to the world’s greatest minds. However, thanks to breakthroughs and discoveries over the years, modern science has figured out some of the how’s and why’s of the brains inner machinations. Naturally, this means that science has also developed ways of boosting memory and mental performance. How do memory enhancers and mental performance boosters work? Are they drugs? Do they have any side effects? We’ll answer these questions after the jump.

how do memory enhancer supplements workCan memory enhancer supplements work? Memory enhancers come in all shapes and forms, from simple vitamin supplements to synthesized brain chemicals. The vitamin supplements work to add nutrients to your diet that helps keep your brain healthy that you otherwise may not be getting enough of. The latter, also known as “smart drugs” or “nootropics”, are also supplements that claim to supercharge your cognitive functions and memory by altering your brains chemical composition. Unfortunately, the term “nootropic” has been used for so many different formulations that it is interchangeable with the term “supplements” so for this article, what we call supplements only fill gaps in your dietary needs while nootropics optimize and alter your brain chemistry.

chess-e834b70c2e_640SUPPLEMENTS EXPLAINED
Why do memory enhancer supplements work? Supplements like omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil and flavonoids found in chocolate are self explanatory at best, since all they do is ensure you have the necessary nutrients for your brain to work as effectively as possible. Benefits of supplements include: slowing down and prevention of diseases like Alzheimer’s, strengthening of nerve connections and myelin sheaths, etc. With this in mind, there is no risk of any side effects from taking supplements on a regular basis.

While supplements are straightforward and mundane, nootropics are a completely different animal, despite being functionally similar to the former. Nootropics range from exotic concoctions like piracetam and modafinil to the mundane caffeine and l-theanine found in tea. Now that we have a familiar example, we can look deeper into how they work. These so called smart drugs work by either producing hormones, like how coffee stimulates the creation of cortisol which improves cognition; or simply attaching chemicals to the brain, like in the case of piracetam, a derivative of the brain chemical GABA which improves decision making skills.

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Do memory enhancer supplements work? Unfortunately, the foray into brain boosting chemicals and their effects is still in an early stage. This means that many nootropics are untested, and because of that, some drugs, like piracetam, are banned from being sold in the US. Other drugs, like modafinil, have been tested and proven to improve cognition but have side effects. Fortunately, these are only mild side effects like insomnia and headaches. Furthermore, these side effects have also been observed in the placebo group of the modafinil study.

Simply put, memory boosters and mental performance boosters fill gaps in your diet and modify your brains hormonal balance. For the most part, all the tested brain supplements and nootropics have been proven to work with little to no side effects. And in this hectic world where intelligence is highly valued, these supplements could change the way we live for the better.

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